The Riviera Monaco is the newest Luxury High-Rise Beachfront Condominium development by the Riviera Group. Located in the beautiful, serene Na Jomtien. Only 200 meters from the beach. The Riviera Monaco is the third exclusive project built by the Award-winning developer’s Riviera Group who is famous for developing high-quality projects with the most stunning landscaping and design features. Experience the ultimate luxury lifestyle at The Riviera Monaco, built only 200 meters from the popular Na-Jomtien beach. Exclusive hotel groups such as Sofitel and Veranda are located right next to the Riviera Monaco. This location is a great destination to invest in!

Payment Terms

Foreign Ownership

Contract Payment: 35% Signing Contract
Installment Payment: 15% 2nd Installment 7 months after contract signing
Final Payment: 50% on Completion

Thai Ownership

Deposit Amount: 25% Deposit
Installment Payment: 10% in 27 Monthly Installments
Final Payment: 65% on Completion


Property Listings

FloorViewPriceOwnershipRequest Info
1296thCity View฿ 0Thairequest info view
13518thSea View฿ 0Thairequest info view
12912thGarden and Pool View฿ 0Foreignrequest info view
Studio23.78thTennis Court฿ 2,990,000Thairequest info view
12911thCity View฿ 3,200,000Companyrequest info view
Studio-S223.725thCity View฿ 3,525,284request info view
12920thCity View฿ 3,580,000Foreignrequest info view
12910thCity View฿ 3,580,000Foreignrequest info view
Studio2718thCity View฿ 3,750,000Foreignrequest info view
149.4310thSea View฿ 3,790,000Thairequest info view
1BR-A9316thCity View฿ 3,892,557request info view
Studio2735thSea View฿ 4,000,000Foreignrequest info view
1BR-A1312ndSea View฿ 4,378,854request info view
131.0235thSea View฿ 4,500,000Foreignrequest info view
13535thSea View฿ 4,500,000Foreignrequest info view
144.814thSea View฿ 4,900,000Thairequest info view
1BR-A439.57thSea View฿ 5,836,374request info view
1BR-A439.510thSea View฿ 6,019,005request info view
27812thSea View฿ 9,900,000Foreignrequest info view
1BR-A651.535thSea View฿ 10,097,067request info view
27818thSea View฿ 10,500,000Foreignrequest info view
1BR-A651.538thSea View฿ 10,725,341request info view
2BR-B3J6829thSea View฿ 11,859,339request info view
2BR-B3J6830thSea View฿ 12,752,307request info view
2BR-B280.512thSea View฿ 12,830,922request info view
2BR-B280.514thSea View฿ 13,079,083request info view
2BR-B3J6834thSea View฿ 13,171,484request info view
2BR-B19035thSea View฿ 17,515,550request info view
2BR-B19037thSea View฿ 17,775,033request info view
2BR-B19038thSea View฿ 17,850,776request info view
2BR-B19039thSea View฿ 18,070,446request info view

Property Features

  • Extensive Recreational Area
  • Hotel Styled Drop-Off Areas
  • Kids’ club & children’s playground
  • Multi-level sun-deck areas
  • Various children’s pools
  • Various Water Features
  • Water Sliders


Room and Floor Plans