Laguna Beach Resort 3 The Maldives
Currently considered Jomtien’s grandest resort-style condo development, the Laguna Beach Resort 3 is a 7-building project spread across 25,000 sqm. The third release of the famous brand ‘Laguna Beach Resort’, the condo features an impressive landscape that replicates The Maldives. You can expect the ultimate luxurious lifestyle experience in any of these Pattaya condo apartment units which are equipped with top of the line fixtures. Some of the apartments offer an incredible overlook over Jomtien’s parkland. The apartments located at the upper floors provide you with an extraordinary view of both Jomtien Bay and Pattaya City.

Apartment Types
Laguna Beach Resort 3 – The Maldives includes several types of units, all of which are fully furnished with state of art fixtures. Upon completion, you will be able to choose between the following options:

  • Studios: 25.5 sqm – 26.5 sqm
  • 1-bedroom apartments: 38 sqm – 40 sqm

Proximity to Pattaya Attractions
The project will include a wide array of shops, bars and restaurants, all within walking distance of the resort. However, if you want to explore the surroundings, then the Jomtien Beach is relatively close. In case you’re in the mood for a night out, then Walking Street and its famously vibrant nightlife are just minutes away.

Completion Status
This condominium in Pattaya developed by Heights Holding is due for completion in September 2015.

Property Listings

FloorViewPriceOwnershipRequest Info
31255thPool View฿ 0Thairequest info view
Studio27.758thPool View฿ 1,030,000Foreignrequest info view
Studio27.23rd (Bldg. B)Pool View฿ 1,207,500Thairequest info view
Studio278th (Bldg. C)Pool View฿ 1,363,950Foreignrequest info view
Studio228th (Bldg. F)City View฿ 1,400,000Thairequest info view
Studio228th (Bldg. F)City View฿ 1,450,000Thairequest info view
Studio27.55thPool View฿ 1,459,500Thairequest info view
Studio26.98th (Bldg. A)Pool View฿ 1,468,950Foreignrequest info view
Studio27.57th (Bldg. F)Pool View฿ 1,468,950Thairequest info view
Studio26.688thPool View฿ 1,521,450Foreignrequest info view
Studio278th (Bldg. D)Pool View฿ 1,552,200Foreignrequest info view
Studio27.54th (Bldg. F)Pool View฿ 1,676,575Foreignrequest info view
Studio26.55th (Bldg. G)Pool View฿ 1,761,150Foreignrequest info view
Studio27.54th (Bldg.C)Pool View฿ 2,035,000Foreignrequest info view
Studio27.54th (Bldg. C)Pool View฿ 2,035,000Foreignrequest info view
Studio27.54th (Bldg. F)Pool View฿ 2,035,000Foreignrequest info view
141.55th (Bldg C)Pool View฿ 2,308,950Foreignrequest info view
141.52ndPool View฿ 2,338,250Foreignrequest info view
1417thPool View฿ 2,490,000Thairequest info view
145.988th (Bldg. C)Pool View฿ 2,541,000Thairequest info view
2766th (Bldg. G)Sea View฿ 3,244,500Foreignrequest info view
1576thPool View฿ 3,582,000Foreignrequest info view
2682nd (Bldg. A)Pool View฿ 3,874,500Foreignrequest info view
283.28th (Bldg. E)Pool View฿ 4,504,500Foreignrequest info view

Property Features

  • Bars
  • Fitness Area
  • In-house Massage Sala
  • Maldives Themed Lagoons
  • Swimming Pools
  • Tree-Houses and Tree-Top Pavillions
  • Waterfalls