Property Listings

FloorViewPriceOwnershipRequest Info
21601Garden View฿ 0Thairequest info view
4215 Garden View฿ 0Thairequest info view
41284Beachfront฿ 0request info view
2901Garden View฿ 0Thairequest info view
33331Pool View / Garden View฿ 0request info view
37002Pool View฿ 0Thairequest info view
2841 ฿ 1,750,000Thairequest info view
31121 ฿ 2,190,000Thairequest info view
21082Garden View฿ 2,190,000Companyrequest info view
31042Garden View฿ 2,244,000Thairequest info view
3702 ฿ 2,290,000Thairequest info view
31521Garden View฿ 2,490,000Thairequest info view
21801Garden View฿ 2,500,000Thairequest info view
31761Garden View฿ 2,590,000Foreignrequest info view
32401Garden View฿ 2,850,000Companyrequest info view
32001Garden View฿ 2,890,000Companyrequest info view
31101Garden View฿ 2,900,000Companyrequest info view
3922 ฿ 2,990,000Thairequest info view
32001 ฿ 3,090,000Thairequest info view
22081 ฿ 3,100,000Thairequest info view
367.53City View฿ 3,150,000Thairequest info view
272.42City View฿ 3,190,000Thairequest info view
3922Garden View฿ 3,264,000Thairequest info view
32081Garden View฿ 3,290,000Companyrequest info view
32001Garden View฿ 3,300,000Thairequest info view
23281Garden View฿ 3,360,000Thairequest info view
32001Garden View฿ 3,390,000Thairequest info view
3210.41Garden View฿ 3,490,000Companyrequest info view
31451Garden View฿ 3,490,000Companyrequest info view
2184.81City View฿ 3,500,000Thairequest info view
31921Garden View฿ 3,550,000Companyrequest info view
32001Garden View฿ 3,590,000Companyrequest info view
32001Garden View฿ 3,662,000Thairequest info view
31501Garden View฿ 3,690,000Companyrequest info view
32401Garden View฿ 3,690,000Companyrequest info view
42002Garden View฿ 3,800,000Foreignrequest info view
31201Garden View฿ 3,900,000Thairequest info view
2752Garden View฿ 3,900,000Thairequest info view
22561Pool View฿ 3,980,000Foreignrequest info view
34001Garden View฿ 3,990,000Foreignrequest info view
31101Garden View฿ 3,990,000Thairequest info view
3178.42Garden View฿ 4,000,000Companyrequest info view
278.82Pool View฿ 4,000,000Companyrequest info view
32122Garden View฿ 4,250,000Companyrequest info view
32401Garden View฿ 4,379,000Thairequest info view
4190.72Garden View฿ 4,390,000Companyrequest info view
32281Pool View฿ 4,400,000Companyrequest info view
62002Garden View฿ 4,488,000Thairequest info view
42042Pool View฿ 4,500,000Companyrequest info view
31401Pool View฿ 4,500,000Companyrequest info view
22361Pool View฿ 4,590,000Companyrequest info view
31922Garden View฿ 4,650,000Thairequest info view
32721Garden View฿ 4,681,800Thairequest info view
2801 ฿ 4,780,000request info view
31861Garden View฿ 4,800,000Thairequest info view
34041Garden View฿ 4,830,000Thairequest info view
21802City View฿ 4,900,000Companyrequest info view
21301Pool View฿ 4,900,000Companyrequest info view
3277.61Garden View฿ 4,900,000Companyrequest info view
34001Garden View฿ 4,900,000Thairequest info view
33521Garden View฿ 4,990,000Foreignrequest info view
43721Pool View฿ 5,200,000Companyrequest info view
32801Pool View฿ 5,500,000Thairequest info view
3234.42Garden View฿ 5,500,000Thairequest info view
32351Pool View฿ 5,700,000Companyrequest info view
32242City View฿ 5,800,000Thairequest info view
3160 ฿ 5,850,000Thairequest info view
22762Pool View฿ 6,500,000Thairequest info view
5-6400 Garden View฿ 6,500,000Thairequest info view
33252Garden View฿ 6,500,000Companyrequest info view
42602Garden View฿ 6,950,000request info view
32002Garden View฿ 6,990,000Companyrequest info view
32151Pool View฿ 7,000,000Foreignrequest info view
2682.5Garden View฿ 7,000,000Thairequest info view
32002Pool View฿ 7,245,000Thairequest info view
31881stPool View฿ 7,500,000Foreignrequest info view
43803City View฿ 7,500,000Companyrequest info view
32781Pool View฿ 7,500,000Thairequest info view
32402Garden View฿ 7,650,000Companyrequest info view
36082Garden View฿ 7,875,000Thairequest info view
43401Pool View฿ 7,900,000Thairequest info view
43084City View / Garden View฿ 7,950,000Foreignrequest info view
41662 ฿ 7,980,000request info view
34001Pool View฿ 7,990,000Companyrequest info view
31801 ฿ 8,000,000request info view
34522Garden View฿ 8,000,000Thairequest info view
32061Garden View฿ 8,066,100Companyrequest info view
32402Pool View฿ 8,100,000Companyrequest info view
31401Pool View฿ 8,180,000request info view
2147.31Garden View฿ 8,500,000Thairequest info view
33001Pool View฿ 8,500,000Companyrequest info view
3312 Pool View฿ 8,700,000Thairequest info view
3240 Garden View฿ 8,900,000Thairequest info view
33002Pool View฿ 8,990,000request info view
54502Garden View฿ 9,000,000Thairequest info view
22302Sea View฿ 9,099,000request info view
31561Pool View฿ 9,500,000Foreignrequest info view
35041Pool View฿ 9,500,000Thairequest info view
3277 Pool View฿ 9,800,000Thairequest info view
3388 Garden View฿ 9,900,000Foreignrequest info view
32221Pool View฿ 9,900,000Thairequest info view
35681Pool View฿ 9,975,000Thairequest info view
31811Garden View฿ 10,000,000Companyrequest info view
43522Garden View฿ 10,000,000Thairequest info view
34401Pool View฿ 10,342,500Thairequest info view
32761Pool View฿ 10,500,000Thairequest info view
34002Pool View฿ 10,540,000request info view
3298.211Pool View฿ 10,900,000Companyrequest info view
46361Pool View฿ 10,900,000Foreignrequest info view
32001Pool View฿ 10,900,000Companyrequest info view
55502Pool View฿ 11,000,000Thairequest info view
31801 ฿ 11,200,000request info view
41802Pool View฿ 11,500,000Companyrequest info view
34321Pool View฿ 11,990,000Companyrequest info view
411202Pool View฿ 12,000,000Companyrequest info view
311322Garden View฿ 12,000,000Companyrequest info view
44002Pool View฿ 12,495,000Companyrequest info view
54054Sea View฿ 12,700,000Companyrequest info view
33681Pool Access฿ 12,750,000Thairequest info view
5250 Pool View฿ 12,900,000Companyrequest info view
51694.81Garden View฿ 12,950,000Thairequest info view
43202Garden View฿ 13,000,000Thairequest info view
168002Garden View฿ 13,500,000Companyrequest info view
58001Pool View฿ 13,900,000Thairequest info view
3298.42Pool View฿ 13,900,000Companyrequest info view
7954City View฿ 14,000,000Thairequest info view
33432Pool View and Mountain View฿ 14,300,000Companyrequest info view
44002Pool View฿ 14,500,000Thairequest info view
37361Pool View฿ 14,800,000Thairequest info view
56004City View฿ 15,000,000Companyrequest info view
53501Garden View฿ 15,000,000Thairequest info view
42001Pool View฿ 15,750,000Companyrequest info view
43042Pool View฿ 16,000,000Companyrequest info view
511001Garden View฿ 16,500,000Companyrequest info view
43882Garden View฿ 16,500,000Companyrequest info view
36881Pool View฿ 16,500,000Companyrequest info view
44002Pool View฿ 16,500,000Companyrequest info view
632002Pool View฿ 17,000,000Companyrequest info view
410842Pool View฿ 18,000,000Companyrequest info view
632002Pool View฿ 18,000,000Companyrequest info view
416002Pool View฿ 18,500,000Companyrequest info view
64683Pool View฿ 19,800,000Thairequest info view
73854City View฿ 19,845,000Thairequest info view
94044Sea View฿ 19,950,000Foreignrequest info view
115004Garden View฿ 20,000,000request info view
311121Pool View฿ 20,475,000Thairequest info view
56722Pool View฿ 23,900,000Companyrequest info view
424001Pool View฿ 25,000,000Companyrequest info view
56502Pool View฿ 25,000,000Thairequest info view
44201Garden View฿ 29,900,000Companyrequest info view
65852Pool View฿ 37,000,000request info view
55602Pool View฿ 45,000,000Companyrequest info view
57301Pool and Garden View฿ 48,000,000Companyrequest info view
1017122Pool View฿ 100,000,000Thairequest info view
54263Seaview and The Sanctuary of Truth View฿ 179,000,000Companyrequest info view